OTTAWA – Today an NDP motion to establish a special committee to study the best path forward to end and prevent homelessness in Canada was debated for its first hour in the House of Commons. If passed, NDP MP Sheri Benson’s M-147 will assemble a special committee that engages experts and those with lived experience to develop the first ever national plan.

“I don’t think any of my colleagues in the House disagreed with the Prime Minister when he said one person experiencing homelessness in Canada is one too many. So why not work towards a plan to end homelessness,” said Benson. “If the government really believes that every person has the right to have a roof over their head, they should vote in favour of my motion to create a special committee to create a plan to solve the issue.”

Everyone deserves a home. The NDP’s motion provides the opportunity to study and find a road map to end and prevent homelessness in Canada.
The NDP’s motion to end homelessness in Canada received support from different stakeholders:

“With the release of the National Housing Strategy, the government has an incredible opportunity to enhance the Homelessness Partnership Strategy by supporting M-147. As Canadians, we should accept nothing less than preventing and ending homelessness as the end goal, and it’s time for all Parliamentarians and all stakeholders to develop that plan.”  
-    Jeff Morrison, Executive Director of the Canadian Housing Renewal Association

“We applaud the efforts of Ms. Benson for taking the initiative with this motion. Having a special committee will give voice to vulnerable populations including seniors, Indigenous, persons with disabilities, veterans, those dealing with mental health and/or addiction issues and survivors fleeing domestic violence, specifically women and girls.”         
-    YWCA Lethbridge