Alongside his New Democrat colleagues from Quebec, Quebec Lieutenant, Alexandre Boulerice, commented on the government’s work in the province in 2016. The verdict: the forty Quebec members of the Liberal caucus are missing in action. After a year in power, we’re still waiting for a concrete plan from the government to defend the interests of Quebecers.

“The Liberals assured us they didn’t need a ‘Quebec lieutenant’ because Justin Trudeau had appointed himself as ‘Quebec general’,” said Boulerice. “Well let me tell you, with a general like that, who needs enemies.”

During the election campaign, Trudeau promised a “true partnership” with Quebec. Yet, the relationship between Ottawa and Quebec is still stormy. Even the interests of the banks come before those of Quebecers – as we saw with Bill C-29. All Quebec opposition members and the entire National Assembly had to rally against the government to make it respect provincial jurisdiction. Not to mention the millions in infrastructure promised for Quebec roads, public transport, affordable housing and child care centres that we’re still waiting for.

“Week after week in the House, we called on this government to deliver on the funding it promised to Bombardier, a new softwood lumber agreement and the protection of our dairy producers – but our questions went unanswered. “Where are the forty Quebec members of the Liberal caucus when it comes to representing the interests of Quebec at the decision-making table?”