NDP Critic for Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees, Jenny Kwan (Vancouver East), wrote to the Speaker of the House of Commons to request an Emergency Debate on the immigration ban order by US President Donald Trump to address the far-reaching implications on those targeted abroad and in Canada.

“This ban will have disastrous implications for thousands of innocent travellers, family members, students, business people, indeed travellers of all kinds, but most disturbingly, the men, women and children who are seeking asylum and fleeing persecution," Kwan wrote. "It is unclear exactly how many persons living in Canada are affected by this ban but several hundred thousand Canadians of dual citizenship and those born in countries under the ban are extremely concerned by these developments and others such as permanent residents, may be severely impacted."

Although Trump’s National Security Advisor confirmed that holders of Canadian passports, including dual citizens, will not be affected by the travel ban, many are still unsure about their status given the initial blanket ban. Also, any exemption to holders of Canadians passports would not curb the impact on others living in Canada such as permanent residents.

"A ban against individuals based upon race, religion, or country of birth, implemented by our closest neighbour, cannot be tolerated,” Kwan wrote in her letter. "Canadians cherish their role as global citizens and defenders of human rights and as their elected representatives it is our duty to respond to these extraordinary events."