NDP raises concerns during the Liberal government meeting with US Secretary John Kelly

The NDP is bringing Canadians’ concerns about the impact of President Trump’s executive order directly to John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security, and is asking the US Government what action will they take to ensure that Canada, their closest ally and neighbour is not impacted by the Trump administration’s discriminatory executive order.

“There is mounting evidence that shows the US is no longer a safe country for refugees”, said MP Jenny Kwan, NDP Critic for Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship and Multiculturalism.

Just today, a report by 22 law schools across the country concludes that Canada’s continued participation in the Safe Third Country Agreement violates Canada’s constitutional and international obligations; “Refugees returned to the United States face prolonged detention, limited access to legal information and counsel, and possible deportation to countries where they may be tortured or killed.” Harvard Law School immigration and Refugee Law Clinic also detailed at length the numerous reasons that the US was not a safe country for asylum seekers.

Kwan is asking, “How can the US say that they are honouring International obligations and that refugees have a fair hearing and that it is a safe country for them?”

The NDP is also calling on the Liberal government to gain assurances from US officials regarding Canadian citizens at the US border. There have been several recent reports of Canadians being turned away based on religion and racial profiling.

“While Canadians are being detained and inappropriately questioned by Trump’s border guards, Liberals have been sitting on their hands,” said NDP Public Safety Critic Matthew Dubé. “The Liberal government must leave today’s meetings with a guarantee in hand that the mistreatment of Canadians at the border will end.”