OTTAWA – New Democrats are stunned that the Liberal government, who has undergone months of scandal for shady cash-for-access fundraisers, introduce legislation that fails to place any limits on this unsavory practice.

“This bill does absolutely nothing to limit the use of Liberal cash-for-access fundraisers,” said NDP Ethics Critic, Nathan Cullen. “The Liberals are waiving a sign to their wealthy donors that says their government remains open for business of selling influence.”

The Liberal bill simply adds modest measures requiring the publication of these fundraisers that have been frequented by millionaires seeking approval of various schemes. The bill also preserves the Liberal's 'Laurier Club,' which allows wealthy individuals to donate $1,500 at Liberal Party conventions and in exchange get private and undocumented access to various Cabinet Ministers and even the Prime Minister.

“The Liberals are clearly more interested in protecting their millionaire donor club, than actually cleaning up these shady fundraisers,” said Cullen. “Even the Conservative Party of Dean Del Mastro and Mike Duffy refused to get into the business of selling time with Ministers, who control the government’s purse strings, in order to fill their political coffers.”

Additionally the bill fails to include a single recommendation from the Ethics Committee who looked studied the current laws governing political fundraising.