Safe railway crossings in our communities

Bill C-322

Safe railway crossings in our communities 

A lack of safe level railway crossings puts people’s safety at risk and reduces mobility in our communities.

In order to access services or natural resources, people are forced to make long detours or trespass without protection, putting their safety at risk. There are twice as many deadly accidents in Canada on illegal passages than on legal grade crossings.‎ Rail safety is clearly a problem - but Canadian Pacific Railway refuses to make necessary changes.

Citizens’ groups, businesses and municipalities are all calling for the creation of safe level crossings in key locations, but the government is hiding behind outdated rules.

That’s why my Bill C-322 would clarify the Minister's authority to order the construction of new crossings to improve safety and mobility in our communities.

Sign my petition or write to the Minister or your federal MP (see letter model below) and support active transportation as well as citizen's safety and mobility!

Watch Hélène during the first reading of Bill C-322 (French only)