NDP salutes the Quebec National Assembly’s CBC motion

2014 11 26
NDP salutes the Quebec National Assembly’s CBC motion

The Quebec National Assembly unanimously adopted a motion today urging the federal government to restore funding to the CBC, a move which the NDP is applauding. The Official Opposition will table a similar motion in the House of Commons. 

“Quebec has unanimously asked the government to stop dismantling our public broadcaster, reiterating the importance of Radio-Canada’s French language broadcasts and regional presence,” said Official Opposition Heritage critic, Pierre Nantel (Longueuil-Pierre-Boucher). “The Conservative government can’t go on ignoring these requests while Canadians mobilize against their partisan cuts, both on the ground and in Quebec’s National Assembly.”

Nantel tabled a motion in the Heritage Committee yesterday, demanding a comprehensive inquiry into the liquidation of CBC assets, such as the costume warehouse closure and the sale of Montreal’s Maison de Radio-Canada. For several months now, the NDP has been defending the CBC via its campaign and national petition in support of the public broadcaster.

“The CBC is at the heart of our culture in Quebec and the rest of Canada. At a time when the CBC, like many media outlets, is facing big changes in the industry, it will now also need to remain strong and defend its future – which will obviously require stable, long-term financing,” added the Longueuil- Pierre-Boucher MP.

The online petition is available at: http://petition.ndp.ca/stand-up-for-the-CBC.