Budget 2016 : Government Must Tackle Inequality

OTTAWA — In a letter to the Finance Minister ahead of the government’s first budget next week, the NDP is demanding that government tackle inequality, keep their promises and improve tax fairness for Canadians.

“The upcoming budget is a critical opportunity to provide help to Canadians who are struggling,” says the letter signed by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and NDP Finance Critic Guy Caron. “We have been consulting Canadians in budget town halls across the country and wish to share our expectations for the upcoming federal budget with you.”

Traditionally the Finance Minister writes to opposition MPs for input in advance of the budget, however this year Minister Morneau ignored this tradition and chose not to consult with other parties. Nonetheless, New Democrats urge the government to take immediate action to help struggling Canadians. Specific proposal from the letter include: improving access to EI, strengthening retirement security, closing the gap on First Nations Education and cracking down on tax evasion.

“Budgets are about choices, and in tough economic times it’s too often Canadians with the least who are told they have to wait for help,” said Mulcair and Caron, in the letter. “Your party made significant commitments during the election and we expect your government to deliver on these promises to Canadians.”